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Diet Plan


"True healing is not a quick fix but a regeneration that comes from removing all waste from the body."

Prof. Arnold Ehret


Pollutants and toxins can be found everywhere — in the air we breathe, what we eat, drink, put on our skin and have in our homes. Constant exposure to these, is linked to illness and most often to chronic disease.

When  it's healthy, our body is well equipped to detox and filter out harmful chemicals, toxins and pollutants to protect itself against their effects. However, long-term exposure to them affects the body's natural processes and allows some of these toxins to accumulate in tissue.  Adding a nutrient-deficient diet and heavy consumption of highly refined and processed foods to the existing toxic load creates further damage to our health.

The body’s natural detoxification organs are the liver, the colon, the skin, the lungs, and the kidneys. Some unwanted and/or potentially hazardous toxins can be easily eliminated via the stool, sweat and urine, but when these organs are suppressed or compromised, the toxicity remains trapped in the body leading to chronic disease. 


The beauty of regenerative detoxification is that it has the power to restore optimal health, vitality and to prolong life. It cleans the internal environment and eliminates toxicity while it also nourishes and regenerates tissues, bringing them back to their healthy state and function.  

To learn more about detoxification, book your free discovery call.

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