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With Simone’s help I've reached my ideal body weight. My digestion is working well (that was a persistent issue), my kidneys are filtering better and I no longer have any issues with bloating and lethargy.  Also, my eyesight has improved, my running injury has healed and  I look and feel healthier and younger than my age and have more energy at 53 than I did in my 30’s and 40’s. 

My mind is more focused and my spiritual life has also benefited.  I can honestly say, with utmost confidence, that I will feel so very grateful to Simone as I discovered the joys of feeling my body return to a state of thriving health.  It is rare to find someone with her expertise and I can vouch that her methods are incredibly effective.  I learned so much valuable health information while working with Simone; I find her passion for health contagious.”   G. P.  South Carolina, USA

" I told her [my surgeon] I'm working with you and she said I would want to kiss you for what you are doing for me. She absolutely loved everything I told her about this journey with you.

I didn't feel a fraction as good as I do now. N.S Toronto, Canada

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